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Hi, I am Sakura Ide. I am staying in Adelaide, Australia this year. Currently I am in my winter school holiday for two weeks. It is my first school holiday without homework since I graduated kindergarten. After diverse new experiences, I only have 4 months left to stay in Adelaide. I am going to write about what I have experienced in this report.


私の通っているUnley High Schoolでも、立川高校と同じく学期ごとに成績表が渡されます。しかし、今学期は教員によるストライキがあったため成績が出ない教科もありました。公務員がストライキをする場面を見るのは初めての経験だったため驚きました。

Just like my school in Japan, Unley High School gives out report cards at the end of each term. However, since there was a strike by our teachers, we could not receive some grades for certain subjects. As I have never seen our teachers going on strikes in Japan, this incident surprised me very much.


When we were learning quadratics in mathematics class, one student asked a teacher how quadratics will work in real life. He responded to the question by explaining how in depth. When I first learnt quadratics, I had the same question. However, I could not ask because of the concern whether my action may be regarded as offensive. I realised it is important to not leave unanswered questions hence I would like to ask my questions for my learning.


Compared to my experience in Japan, I am not required to take many compulsory subjects at school in Australia. Therefore, I have to take the responsibility to choose the right subjects that I’m interested in and try my best at all times. Although I could achieve the satisfactory grades, when my Japanese local friend checked my assignment, I developed awareness that my English level was not what I was aiming for. This made me realise that good school grades are not the only thing I should be trying for. Thus I would like to not only be satisfied with high grades, but also be fluent in English.

オーストラリアでは二種類の校外学習があります。一つは教科で必修のものでもう一つは希望者参加型のものです。例えば希望者参加型のものでは近隣の学校と合同で行われたScience and engineering competition やAdelaide University 、Flinders University の体験授業、TAFEという職業訓練校などに参加しました。その際に卒業後に社会経験として一年働いてから大学に入学する場合もあるという話なども聞き、現地の高校卒業後の様子を知ることができるだけでなく、自分の進路についても考えることができるとても良い機会です。

In Australia, there are two types of excursions likewise to Japan. One is where it is compulsory for those who take the subject. The other type of excursion is where you request for participation. For example, science and engineering competition, Adelaide university, Flinders university and TAFE visit. While I was in the Flinders University visit program, I heard that some students work before they enter universities to get a taste of the real world. By taking part in as many excursions as possible, I believe that I could see how Australian students decide their future paths which provides options for my future correspondingly.


先月、オーストラリアに来てすぐに習い始めたHIP HOPを発表会で踊り、最近ではZumba教室にも参加しています。ダンスは言語関係なく楽しむことができ、言葉以外で自分を表現できる手段はとても重要だと感じます。

I have learnt HIP HOP since I came to Australia and I danced on the stage with other students last month. Recently, I started participating in the Zumba class as well. I enjoy both of them because I can express myself by dancing. I realised that it was helpful to do any activities which I can enjoy it without concern about my English skill.

オーストラリアでは、日本でできないスポーツにも挑戦してみたいと思い、ネットボールというスポーツを始めました。未経験のスポーツで初日から他校との試合に出場することになり、自分で決めたことながら不安でいっぱいでした。その後、チームメイトやコーチの協力でなんとかチームのなかの役割を果たし、試合後にはGOOD JOB!と沢山声をかけてもらいました。まだまだ練習が必要ですが、そんなチームメイトのおかげでネットボールは私の中で好きなスポーツの一つになりました。

Since I wanted to try something I have never played in Japan, I started to play Netball. Before the first game started, I was full of anxiety because it was my first time to play Netball. Furthermore, I did not know the exact rules and who were in the team. With my teammates and my teachers help, I could manage to play my role. I appreciate them for having encouraged me then. Although I need to make more effort, I enjoy playing Netball.


Furthermore, I have learnt how to teach abacus to young children at a local Japanese abacus school. At that place, I developed the skills to teach mathematics in English and communicate with local students.




I heard that the voting rate in the House of Councillors election was under 50% in Japan. This is much lower than the voting rate in Australian federal election of over 90%. This difference made me interested in the election systems in Australia. I think one of the reasons for the high voting rate in Australia is because it is compulsory in Australia and if you do not vote, you get fined. In addition, there is a system where people can individually number and rank all candidates according to their preference. Therefore they can clearly express their opinions with this system.

By considering the differences of the election systems, it became a good opportunity for me to reconsider the efficiency of Japanese system.





When I first came to Australia, I could barely focus on the context of the conversations. That is because I had to speak English with concern about the grammar in my brain. That made me exhausted even when I talked with my host family and my friends. However, I think that I am gradually getting used to speaking as my English developed over time.

For the last 6 months, I have been trying whatever I am interested in. The experiences made me start to think about what I want to do in the future. Thanks to those who support me, I have had many great experiences so far.For the rest of my study abroad period, I am trying my best to not have any regrets by enjoying myself to the best of my ability.

Thank you for reading through my report.

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